IPBS: “Mayors Launch Initiative To Increase Local Control”

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012

Indiana Public Broadcasting includes Indiana Conference of Mayors (ICOM) president and Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura as well as Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett in its story about the “Trust Local” campaign and its three legislative priorities in the upcoming Indiana General Assembly session.

Hoosier mayors are calling on state government and the General Assembly to return more control to local government, giving them the flexibility and resources to address concerns in cities and towns across the state. The Indiana Conference of Mayors’ is calling the push the “Trust Local” campaign.

Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura, president of the state conference of mayors, says there has been a disturbing trend emerging in the last few years. More and more decisions he says belong on the local level are being taken over by the legislature.

“We don’t want them fighting home front battles in the Statehouse,” Stahura says. “Let us handle the local stuff at home.  Zoning issues, water rights, there’s thousands of financial flexibility, those issues we can handle. We don’t need the help.”

The mayoral coalition is pushing three initiatives in the upcoming legislative session: allocating more gas tax revenue to fund road and street improvements, making pseudoephedrine a prescription drug to help curb the state’s methamphetamine problem and giving local governments more power to require banks to maintain foreclosed properties.

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